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Painted Structures
(And Some "non-Brown" Stains)

Painted Cedar (No Caulking)

Painted Cedar with Stained Beams & Facia

This Gable Is Painted SmartBoard with Stained Beam, Facia and Tudor Gable End

Screen Room With Clear Sealer on Cedar Ceiling
& Blue Stain on Frame (Copper Color CF Panel Roof)

Painted SmartBoard with Sable Brown Stain Posts, Beams, and Tudor Design

Gray/Green Stain on Cedar

Single Coat "Off White" Paint

Painted Post, Beam, Tudor & Facia  With Sable Brown Stain Rafters and Decking 

We Built This Free Standing Structure Several Years Before It Was Hit By The October 2019 Massive Dallas Tornado

Our Customers Home Was Destroyed Along With Many Nearby Homes, Trees and Fences

Building Officials Were Impressed When They Saw Our Structure Still Standing


Three Coats Sherwin Williams Super Paint

SmartBoard Painted To
Match House With
Round Fiber Composite

SmartBoard Flat Ceilings, Soffit, Facia & Trim 
Boxed 12x12 Columns 

Painted to Match House

Tongue & Groove Ceiling With Pecan Ready Seal Stain - White Posts, Beams, Trim

Painted SmartBoard With WhiteWash Cedar Beams & 8x8 Posts

Cedar Shade Structure (Pergola) With Two Coats of White Glossy Paint

Painted T-111 Ceiling, SmartBoard Soffit & Trim - Painted To Match House - - Sable Brown Stain For Posts, Beams and Corbels

Painted Cedar With 12x12 Box Columns 
Two Tone Paint

SmartBoard Trimmed and Painted To Match House

White Screening - Painted Cedar Frame

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