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Misc. Construction Details

Beams Attached To Frame of House Through Brick Walls

Double 6x6 Finials  
A Technique That 
Eliminates Awkward 
Post Locations

10" GRK Screws Toenailed Through Beams Into Frame
of House (Photo Taken Before Trim)

Jogging Around Soffit + Beam Into Brick Wall Under Facia

Pressure Blocks

Cedar Wall

Existing Soffits Remain As Is - Not Wrapped

Cedar Walls To Hide
Existing Roof & Facia

SmartBoard Finish Before Caulk and Paint

Back Walls In Gable Structures 
In Order To Hide Roof

Drop Down Side Walls

Sloping Side Wall To
Match Roof 

Drop Down Side Wall 

Drop Down Side Wall Added After Completion (Before Stain)

Photo Taken Before Stain and Paint

Notice Plastic Prior To Staining

Our Stain Crews Are Thorough, Clean and
Top Notch Professionals

Gable Roof With Shed Roof Wing

This Roof Protrusion Is Something We Rarely Like To Do. When Shed Style Roofs Are Installed Overlapping A Hip - This Is The Result

Framing Of A Gable - Before Cricket Valleys and Decking

Smart Board Cover With Can Lights 
Before Caulk and Paint

Can Light Box

Tongue and Groove Ceiling Before Stain or Paint

Gray Stained Cedar With Two Velux Skylights

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